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Sweatin' with Pure Muscle

by Pure Muscle

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Here comes another yesterday Can't help repeating, I will repeat it You freak me out, you turn me on Spring-loaded action, but the trigger's gone You're gonna be let down I'm gonna let you Am I just running with the bastards? Another empty, wasted line I can't contain it, but I'll keep complaining Don't think I'll ever turn you on Couldn't catch my breath, it's already gone You're gonna be let down I'm gonna let you Am I just running with the bastards? Hear the call and I run out screaming
Bop 03:58
My lying won't stop your crying So looking sorry is the best that I can do This time you mean it, you're packing up and leaving I'm so sorry I had to happen to you Stepping on concrete, thinking about you Some of the things that I can't not do Look at me, my babe, lonely every day Without you, my chest is empty Every night I pray that I'll find some way That will make you stay here with me Stepping on concrete, thinking about you Some of the things that I can't not do There's no more sleeping cause my bed's freezing Die a million times just to touch you
Rotten Milk 03:41
Just gathering steam And running out of the dream I'll let you in on something My head's full of nothing So pour me out of my shell And straight into your hell I'll quit whining when I finish my coffee Or should I just get it over with and kill myself now? You built your bedroom into a grave And you're just waiting So why not go out with a bang? We might make it We'll drive all over town Just to wind up home Would you break for me? I want a little piece You've got that something That fits in my nothing Throw away the dream And how cool would it be To build a monument to all of our failures Or we could just have a pizza party every night Do you remember the shakes that we made? The milk was rotten We still drank the whole damn thing We were hurling We'd drive all over town Just to wind up home
New Toy 04:08
Hey boy Whatchu got there? Looks like Oh, yes it is, it's a new toy You must be pretty quick Not just any old boy New toy Old boy Did she come with a box? Is she missing any parts? Keep her shelved at the top, she'll look swell With all the broken hearts Is it mint? Is she in mint condition? Take it to market to find out her value
I won't be taken easily I won't grow fat and happy I'll crawl under the floorboards I'll be a constant, nervous tapping I'll feed your eager need for novelty I'll be your endless source of joy I'll be your free lunch, dinner, and breakfast I'll be all your nights and weekends (x5) Strip me down, cuddle up, let's sleep in I won't be this, I won't be I won't be missed I'll be all your nights and weekends


You ready to go to WAR with the WEIGHTS?
You ready to feel the PUMP?
You ready to CRY like you've NEVER CRIED BEFORE?
You will be once you start SWEATIN' WITH PURE MUSCLE!

This audio program, the product of years of pseudoscientific research, contains 18 minutes of high-intensity sound waves. Anecdotal evidence has proven that application of these waves directly to the earbuds will stimulate immediate, radical muscle growth… all without the need for those complicated machines and pricey premium meat juices recommended by other workout shortcuts!

Just plop in SWEATIN' WITH PURE MUSCLE and you'll be screaming in no time!


released June 24, 2015

Written, performed, and recorded by the boys themselves:


all rights reserved



Pure Muscle Monrovia, California


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